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Is another meaning of its own.

"I hate the word 'fate'.
Birth, encounters, partings, success and failure, fortune and misfortune in life.
If everything is already set in stone by fate, then why are we even born?
There are those born wealthy, those born of healthy mothers, and those born into war of poverty.
If that's all caused by fate, God must be incredibly cruel and unfair.
Because, ever since that day, none of us had a future. The only thing we knew was that we would never amount to anything."
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Archery Photoshoot - Free Use Refs Requested by Werecakes

Archery shoot! This is a very small shoot, with the intention of helping fantasy artists with real live fleshy archer interaction! (I Jadedsilk am the model in these images, and I am not at full draw in many of these shots or have mildly irregular “not perfect” posture because I am attempting not to shoot my photographer. Imagine that n.n;) Thank you TRPSTRIFE, for your photography help! Soon we will update with some male archery model shots. While nothing here is ‘perfect’ or of ‘wonderful quality’, our goal is to provide all level of artists with decent references that are free for use without having to sell their soul. :D  We hope you enjoy!  (Better versions being uploaded to DA now, net not cooperating tonight. Obviously, pics have to be small for tumblr.)

For any questions on stock usage, please refer to this journal here:

Stock Folder Direct Link:

The people in our photographs are real people. We do not touch up, starve ourselves, or work out for anyone’s pleasure but our own. We believe in being ourselves and it shines through rather nicely. Please refrain from derogatory remarks about the models, shots, situations or photography. Remember. Free. <3


Please do not repost or re-upload these images anywhere else.


there are more! But…I can’t remember….


there are more! But…I can’t remember….



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giving guys boners is empowering and nothing else matters 





can you imagine how fucking relieved the french must have been when we reached the year 2000? 

they went from having to say “mille neuf cents quatre-vingt-dix-neuf” to just having to say “deux mille” to say the year

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English gameplay video demonstrating more game features including its battle system, cutscenes and choice system with Ludger & Jude.

More details on U.S. release here »
More details on European release here »



Tales of Xillia 2-Battle Preview.


WHY ISN’T IT TAGGED, WHYYYYY. I shall feex eet.

This is from “A Gathering of Cats” by Makoto Shinkai. It’s a one-minute short, and you can watch the whole thing here.

Truest shit I’ve seen since Chi’s Sweet Home, y’all. Truest shit.

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